with Anonymus, Carlo Aloe, Guillaume Bijl, Peti Brunner, Holger Bunk, Renate Buser, Corsin Fontana, Alfonso Hüppi, Johannes Hüppi, Dominique Jehle, Peter Knapp, François Morellet, Thomas Roppelt, Ben Vautier, Christian Vogt

"2003, the year of the Strassenbilder, was also the year in which Dominique Jehle was awarded one of the Basel Studios for Paris. From there she brought back friends to Basel without much ado, and settled them in front of the church at Claraplatz - beggars, homeless people, travellers, have-nots, tramps, whichever robust linguistic connotations are currently in favour. (...) What we admire, and with good reason, is the return of trompe l'oeil, the illusion of reality, which was extremely popular in, for instance, the baroque style in Upper Bavaria in the seventeenth century. The Basler Zeitung marvelled that the "perspective" in Dominique Jehle's beggars "is so distorted that the patches on the ground can be identified as people lying there only from a specific angle". And we marvel with it. For everything actually says; No, logic, the mind, physics, optics. But experience says: Yes. Can I believe what I see? Yet another cheerful game, cheerful also because the "wrong sides" are so puzzling, mirth (which was once subject of art), the desire to surprise, deftness, fluency, imaginativeness - convincing answers to the technoid orientation of art, wheter it is crushing old cars in the shredder or constructing machines from scrap metal."

Text Reinhardt Stumm in: Strassenbilder, Friedrich Reinhardt Verlag, Basel 2006

Photographs Josef Riegger, Allschwil/Basel