with Hyun-Mee Ahn, Carlo Aloe, Guillaume Bijl, Peti Brunner, Daniele Buetti/Andro Wekua, Holger Bunk, Franz Burkhard, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Mark Divo, Ingo Giezendanner alias GRRRR, Alfonso Hüppi, Johannes Hüppi, Dominique Jehle, Magdalena Jetelova, Bernhard Kahrmann, Peter Knapp, Philip Loersch, Werner von Mutzenbecher, Thomas Roppelt, Ichiro Sueoka, Paul Thuile, Christian Vogt

"( ... ) The empty building and its existing spatial and architectural features faced the artists invited to take part with a constant challenge and with stimulation. Another reason for the appearance side by of such differet design concepts was to multiply the kinds of experiences available to visitors. ( ... ) The Basel Painter Dominique Jehle, only just back from her year aht the City of Basel studio in Paris, ( ... ) made clever use of her chance to cover large surfaces and create spatial relationships here in Basel. Her wall paintings present the outher and inner worlds as opposites. Concentration on the essentials, showing what it had to offer in the shape of views and the outside world in its wider environment. In so doing Dominique Jehle rejected the sweetness of postcard romanticism, rducing familiar outlines of the townscape of Basel to the corporeal and cubic features of individual buildings. Wheter industrial premises or the Münster without their realistic environment they appear to be isolated landmarks in the literal sense."

Text Hans-Peter Platz in: Punktleuchten, Friedrich Reinhardt Verlag, Basel 2005

Photographs Josef Riegger, Allschwil/Basel